v0.38.0: Mac ARM build, font selection, many bug fixes

New features

Mac universal build

Deepdwn now provides a universal Mac OS build, supporting both x64 and ARM64 (M1/M2) processors without the need for Rosetta.

This build is larger (since it contains both the X64 and ARM builds combined), but is recommended for users on M1 or M2 macs.

For technical reasons, an ARM-only build is not available right now.

Font lists

Deepdwn now shows a proper list of fonts when selecting a custom font for editor or preview display, instead of requiring you to enter them manually. It’s way better.

Disable active line highlighting

Highlighting the current line can now be disabled in appearance preferences for those who find it distracting.


  • Justified text now supported using inline HTML, ex: <div style="text-align: justify"></div>

Bug fixes

  • Fixed missing high-contrast color scheme for the find-and-replace panel.

List fixes

This release contains a number of fixes for list rendering and behavior, related to three main cases:

  1. Ordered lists beginning with the 1) format, rather than 1.
  2. Unordered list items beginning with + rather than * or -
  3. “Nested” lists on a single line, ex: 1. * list item or * * * list item

For these cases, the following issues were fixed:

  • Fixed inability to toggle checklists with Ctrl Space.
  • Fixed incorrect or failed checklist toggling when clicking checkboxes in the preview window
  • Fixed tab key not indenting the current list item
  • Fixed mixed-monospace feature not including the list item prefixes in the editor, when using a variable width font.

Other list fixes

  • Fixed list continuation including too much much of the current line’s content on the next line
  • Fixed list continuation failing for enabled checkboxes that containing an uppercase X
  • Fixed list continuation not including checkboxes for new items in ordered lists

Other stuff

As promised, Deepdwn’s price is increasing from $11.99 to $14.99. It’s likely this will be increased again in the future.

Deepdwn will be on sale until the end of February to give a little more warning about the price change.

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