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Explore, study, create

Deepdwn editor window with three open panes and text editor section visible

Markdown editor and organizer

Get organized

Add tags and categories to your files. Use search and filters to find what you're looking for.

Link documents together and view backlinks.

Deepdwn editor with open document containing categories and tags in yaml at the beginning. Filter and file panels show these items for filtering with some active.

Stay focused

Fullscreen, distraction-free, and typewriter editing modes help you focus on your writing.

User scrolls down document and clicks Distraction Free button in toolbar. File and filer panels collapse, outline is visible but fades slightly.

Be comfortable

Select from dark, light and high-contrast modes, change your theme color and font.

Work the way that you want.

High-contrast modeLight mode with blue accent colorDark mode with pink accent colorLight mode with green accent color

Keep track

Track your word count over time, by year, month, and day, across all of your documents.

Calendar grid showing word count per day with by color intensity. Word count shown in a popup for the day the mouse is hovering over.

Easy formatting

Create and edit your documents in Markdown format, and see the result immediately with live preview.

Markdown is a plain text format that is both easy to write, and easy to read, even without previewing.

Store your files in version control or your own cloud storage.

Editor and document outline scrolling on left side, showing synchronized, rendered preview on the right

Enhance your writing with tables, numbered and bulleted lists, checklists, links and images, graphs and diagrams, code blocks (with syntax highlighting), and lots more.

Use the outline view for an overview of your document, and for quick navigation.

Visual thinker?

Add flowcharts, sequence diagrams, and more to your documents to represent your ideas.

Entity relationship diagram with associations between Orders, Customers, and Delivery Addresses. Code block below diagram with text to render diagram.Flowchart with connections from node A to nodes B and C, and nodes B and C to node D. Nodes use different shapes. Code block left of diagram with text to render diagram.Sequence diagram with Alice asking John a question, and John responding. Code block below diagram with text to render the diagram.State diagram showing three connected nodes, a start and end point. Code block left of diagram with text to render diagram.

Feeling musical?

Deepdwn can render sheet music (in ABC format), as well as guitar tabs and songbooks.

Data entry of two lines of sheet music in ABC format and 3 lines of guitar tabs in jTab format, and guitar chords.  Preview window on the right displays rendered sheet music, chord diagrams and guitar tabs

Other features

Typing a codeblock, the screen shakes and syntax-colored puffs of smoke appear as each character is added.

Typing streaks

Reward consistent input with (optional) special effects

Section of Sherlock Holmes text. The word gasogene appears to be misspelled, and a context menu shows spelling suggestions


Edit as you go, supporting multiple languages

Several lines of text beneath an overlay with text field containing %s/Alice/Allison

Vim mode

Optional Vim motions, operators, macros, search

Entering text in a markdown table, and tabbing between columns. Table contains English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean text

Smart table formatting

Markdown table formatting, sorting and other shortcuts

Expanding and collapsing a heading by adding and removing ellipses from the end of the heading text.

Fold headings

Expand and collapse document sections while editing

Math and chemical formula in markdown latex nad math blocks, with rendered formula appearing in preview.

Math and chemistry

LaTex and AsciiMath rendering for math and chemistry


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Version 0.32.0

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