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Explore, study, create

Deepdwn editor window with three open panes and text editor section visible

Markdown and fountain editor and organizer

Get organized

Add tags and categories to your files. Use search and filters to find what you're looking for.

Link documents together and view backlinks.

Deepdwn editor with open document containing categories and tags in yaml at the beginning. Filter and file panels show these items for filtering with some active.

Stay focused

Fullscreen, distraction-free, and typewriter editing modes help you focus on your writing.

User scrolls down document and clicks Distraction Free button in toolbar. File and filer panels collapse, outline is visible but fades slightly.

Be comfortable

Select from dark, light and high-contrast modes, change your theme color and font.

Work the way that you want.

High-contrast mode
Light mode with blue accent color
Dark mode with pink accent color
Light mode with green accent color

Keep track

Track your word count over time, by year, month, and day, across all of your documents.

Calendar grid showing word count per day with by color intensity. Word count shown in a popup for the day the mouse is hovering over.

Easy formatting

Create and edit your documents in Markdown format, and see the result immediately with live preview.

Markdown is a plain text format that is both easy to write, and easy to read, even without previewing.

Store your files in version control or your own cloud storage.

Editor and document outline scrolling on left side, showing synchronized, rendered preview on the right

Enhance your writing with tables, numbered and bulleted lists, checklists, links and images, graphs and diagrams, code blocks (with syntax highlighting), and lots more.

Use the outline view for an overview of your document, and for quick navigation.

Visual thinker?

Add flowcharts, sequence diagrams, and more to your documents to represent your ideas.

Entity relationship diagram with associations between Orders, Customers, and Delivery Addresses. Code block below diagram with text to render diagram.
Flowchart with connections from node A to nodes B and C, and nodes B and C to node D. Nodes use different shapes. Code block left of diagram with text to render diagram.
Sequence diagram with Alice asking John a question, and John responding. Code block below diagram with text to render the diagram.
State diagram showing three connected nodes, a start and end point. Code block left of diagram with text to render diagram.

Feeling musical?

Deepdwn can render sheet music (in ABC format), as well as guitar tabs and songbooks.

Data entry of two lines of sheet music in ABC format and 3 lines of guitar tabs in jTab format, and guitar chords.  Preview window on the right displays rendered sheet music, chord diagrams and guitar tabs

Writing a screenplay?

Write your script using Fountain, a portable, plain-text format designed just for screenwriting.

Use autocomplete to quickly enter character names, scenes, and title page content.

User scrolls down document and clicks Distraction Free button in toolbar. File and filer panels collapse, outline is visible but fades slightly.

Other features

Typing a codeblock, the screen shakes and syntax-colored puffs of smoke appear as each character is added.

Typing streaks

Reward consistent input with (optional) special effects

Section of Sherlock Holmes text. The word gasogene appears to be misspelled, and a context menu shows spelling suggestions


Edit as you go, supporting multiple languages

Several lines of text beneath an overlay with text field containing %s/Alice/Allison

Vim mode

Optional Vim motions, operators, macros, search

Entering text in a markdown table, and tabbing between columns. Table contains English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean text

Smart table formatting

Markdown table formatting, sorting and other shortcuts

Expanding and collapsing a heading by adding and removing ellipses from the end of the heading text.

Fold headings

Expand and collapse document sections while editing

Math and chemical formula in markdown latex nad math blocks, with rendered formula appearing in preview.

Math and chemistry

LaTeX and AsciiMath rendering for math and chemistry


Kelly BettyJan 18, 2024

I write all of my README files with this, so good!! And it has Vim bindings as an option too!! Amazing!! ;;

jimmcgeeMay 23, 2023

Deepdwn does everything that it aims to do extremely well. It's a good intermediary between a word processor like MS Word and a more flexible text editor like Sublime. Live preview is a super useful feature if you're working with equations or graphs, and that was the main selling point for me.

In my short time using it, there is only one big issue: if you export plain or rich HTML from a document that has a Mermaid diagram or AsciiMath equation, you're going to have a really hard time editing it. It seems like no thought was given to making the output HTML compact or readable. Your entire Mermaid diagram, for example, will be encoded in a single, long line of HTML tags with many numbers encoding node positions and the like. This is fine if you're copying the file straight to a website, but not if you need to edit the output HTML.

I would also love to see some kind of plugin support, but that might be an unreasonably big request. I write in my own Markdown syntax, and that is only possible because Sublime Text lets me write plugins to speed up my writing process. I love Deepdwn's UI, personality, and rich text rendering, but right now it does not really fit into my writing workflow.

PixelevatorJan 28, 2023

One of the best document creators I've used. Keeps all your projects neatly arranged, outputs a polished document with tons of elements (like musical notation for example) using markdown.

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Zev MirNov 24, 2022

Fantastic features! If you had unlimited resources, I'd love to see some form of cloud storage option, and eventually (if ever possible) a mobile app. This is now my favorite text writing program.

AdrianOct 24, 2022

Absolutely adore it! I've been desperately looking for a simple, distraction-free text editor with a quality dark mode for what feels like forever, and now not only have I found one, but it comes with some amazing organizational options too! I LOVE the tag & category system, it helps me keep all my dev stuff together without any hassle.

Seriously, 11/10, highly recommend!

Margaret CatterSep 10, 2022

One of my favorite tools. I use it pretty much every day to take notes. It's no fuss no mush functionality. Bonus the dev is very responsive in the forums and helpful with troubleshooting. Can't wait to see where this goes in the future.

TheGiftOfGabesAug 22, 2022

Very good and efficient tool!

LolAug 8, 2022

Good for my Uni notes.

portfiendJun 14, 2022

if this were a video game it would be one of my top 3 video games by playtime

hergiberdApr 27, 2022

very cool, it really supplements some of the weaknesses i find with other markdown editors by the fresh UI and variety of functionalities. it also is mac-compatible, which is always a plus.

MogrinApr 3, 2022

Deepdwn is an amazing program. I am in college and was looking for the best way to take notes on my computer. I found markdown was talked a lot about when doing some research on the topic. I have tried a lot of markdown editors but most of them lack the ability to organize my notes. The ones that can organize don't have the integrated features that deepdwn does. Either its missing the ability to create UML class diagrams or LaTeX and KaTeX aren't fully featured. Along with an outline of all the headers for oginization. This app has a huge range of built in quality of life features. The screen shake and particles are a nice touch as well. I highly recommend it. The only thing I have run into is that when making table there is no vertical line syntax to separate coulombs, but this is really a me problem. Awesome app!

UnbedeckedAug 18, 2022

This is Phenomenal, I have been using Deepdwn for two weeks and i have 80 hours with it. I am using it to write my Master's thesis, I do my research and format everything there. I also work as a Senior graphic Designer and Project Manager, where i note everything down in this program.THIS HAS BEEN JUST AMAZING.The distraction free mode is a godsend and it works. If you are an avid researcher and or get to work with written media often, i would also suggest you to use the power mode. It turned my typing into a game that gets me grades. I'ts already part of my daily workflow and can't wait to use it for classes once the season starts.Thanks Billiam.

MyQlyApr 12, 2022

If you are seeking a streamlined markdown editor for your personal/professional use you've found it.

This application is feature rich, well thought out and has become a staple for my notes, plans and stories.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Zed HanokJan 20, 2022

Very impressive, it gives Obsidian a run for its money!

The Vim mode is interesting.

lemongJan 9, 2022

best markdown editor i've used.

Chocomint MochiDec 23, 2021

I've been using it for 6 months now and I love it, I prefer it over any other text editor despite not actually knowing a lot of Markdown. It's flexible and it really helps with my attention deficit. Hahahsda. :3 Lovely.

Mr_RoseNov 24, 2021

Amazing text editor! Sleek, stylish, customisable, simple, versatile... I could go on! This is easily the best markdown editor I have ever used and I absolutely recommend it to everyone.

deertearsNov 4, 2021

Really handy and really good-looking, but my difficulty comes with comparing it to other note-taking options.

I much prefer deepdwn to microsoft's OneNote and google docs, and I actually benefit from seeing when I have a typing streak as it's a sign I should take my time to think and let my hands relax. That is a surprisingly great feature I wish other editors had. The promotion of ABC integration also makes it pretty good for musicians looking for a digital notebook.

Unfortunately I've been spoiled by Obsidian as a similar program which I think has lead me to try and use this program like it, so it's not per-se much of an upgrade if you're already a pro at using Obsidian. Deepdwn is just different, and seems more focused on providing structure to large texts than making tiny jot notes. It's contingent on how you intend to use it, and I felt like I found a lot of shortcomings that I'm sure is just fine for others.

antibyteOct 31, 2021

I love it and it gets even better with every release.

BollehoppOct 14, 2021

Utterly fantastic writing software. I love it I have to say. Recommend this warmly.

TorstenNov 23, 2021

Very nice Markdown editor with a file explorer, file filter and an outlining of the document’s structure.

What I was missing in the first versions was the opportunity to set the font size. But this was implemented from version 0.30.0 on.

All in all, a very promising and usable Markdown editor for a low price. And new bugfixes and minor versions are published frequently.

LotsOfStuffFeb 21, 2021

Simply amazing!

CodeGnatFeb 20, 2021

Very nice interface, aesthetic is well made. Minimalistic yet full of features. Two things I would like to see are more color customization and more importantly: being able to change around the settings of what comes out of the application as the "output pdf". Mostly changing the font of the output would be really nice.

Agent FintcherFeb 12, 2021

If you like Jupyter or the git markup, this is the software for you


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