Future updates, development plan

A quick note about features I’m currently building or planning, and the general path for JotDown.

First, I’m planning to change the name JotDown at some point. There are a number of markdown-related things with the same name.

There are a few things I’m working on for JotDown:

  • The itch.io page is getting a facelift, likely after the new name has been decided so that I don’t have to recreate all the assets again.
  • Application preferences. Currently all setting just appear in the menu, but this makes it hard to describe features, offer help, or add better controls:
    • Settings for power mode, to reduce or disable screenshake while keeping particle effects, or vice-versa, rather than having the feature off entirely.
    • Selectable accent color. Not everybody likes pink I guess.
    • Editor font options. I’m going to add serif and sans-serif font options for the code editor, but need to also be able to force the monospace font so that editing code, charts etc. is still reasonable.
  • I’d like to reduce the number of resizable elements in the UI, so the outline panel will be moved into the editor section.
  • Minimap in the editor. I’m not sure how useful this will be when used for traditional writing. We’ll see.
  • Dark mode for the preview window.
  • Some kind of introductory feature tour when you start the app
  • Code signing. This is a requirement to prevent OS-level warning when running JotDown. This one is dependent on sales of JotDown, unfortunately, since there is a not insignificant annual cost for these certificates. This one’s really important but also a bit of a catch 22.

Lastly, the price is very likely to change (increase). Likely to $12USD, then $15 later.

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