Sequence8 is a basic music sequencing toy, built in PICO-8.


  • Not two, not three, but four audio channels for your music and beats.
  • Several instruments
  • Copy/paste-based music saving and sharing. Songs go to your clipboard, paste new ones back in.

Send me your favorites, or comment below!

Sequence8 is free to play, but you can support its development and get access binary downloads for Windows, Mac and Linux for $2.


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Version 3


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lovely :) no sure how to switch instruments tho


nvm figured it out :D


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I really like this cute little sound mixer! I like how the notes are filled with liquid and it sloshes around when the notes are played, that's a nice detail.



Thank you! I’m glad you like it :D

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I love this, here's a few things I made in it. By the way, the second instrument, whatever it is, can be a little overpowering in songs, is there any way to change the volume of individual instruments?





Unrelated, but if you want to save your songs, I recommend using a writing program to save your songs when you copy them to your clipboard.

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Those are great, thank you for sharing!

 is there any way to change the volume of individual instruments

Not currently, but I'm thinking of turning down that second instrument for everybody

"ngl this is actually pretty cool."

This is so cool.

Too bad the original pico file is not a part of distribution, I'd love to have this on my gameshell


Thanks! I'm glad you like it :)

A question: Can u save your recordings yet?

I'm afraid there's no (built in) way to save your recordings. You could try a virtual audio cable, or OBS to record your system sound and save that though.

Yes that's probably the way. Please add that in the future :3

Honestly, I really like this! It's so fun to mess around and make some beats. I'll probably play this a lot. <3



i love this smmmmmmmm

Thanks! Glad you like it


how is the so freeking helpful thank you

Thank you!